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Regains! Also spoilers for Pokémon Black/White.Collapse )

now killing is their only source of joy
it was then he heard his intuition say
[Action; Day 2]

[N is in an absolute blind running panic. The park he used to find solace in is gone and all that remains of it is charred dirt; being alone, he was a prime victim for the roving packs of mutilated people, and has spent most of the day darting among the battered ruins in an attempt to find some kind of shelter. He's carrying a broom handle that he's managed to sharpen into a very primitive weapon, and any sort of movement is likely to startle him into either trying to use it or fleeing behind the nearest wall/chimney/boulder. N isn't a fighter. He doesn't even have his friends to protect him, and he hasn't seen his human friends. He really has no idea what to do.]

(10) looks like freedom but it feels like death
animate yourself an alternate reality
[Action, Park]

[It is surprisingly easy to avoid your problems by avoiding people. After the whole zombie event, well... seeing his closest human friend get eaten can really do a number on a person. Sleeping outside is something N is good at already, anyway, and there's no doubt in his mind that his supposed "wife" knows where he is. Hell, Ryo might even know. Still, the park is where he feels most comfortable, and with his Pokémon friends with him, it's easy not to feel lonely. It's hard not being able to hear them, but they seem to understand him well enough, which is a decent substitute.

Luckily, there's an abundance of benches, shady trees, and grass to lie down on, so he hasn't been wanting for sleeping locations. Of course he returns "home" to check in, clean himself up, and meet drone requirements, but anyone who spends much time at the park will notice that a certain curly-haired man seems to be spending an awful lot of time there.]

(09) i'm just telling my truth
here's where things start getting weird
[Phone, filtered from the usual]

I'm going to try for the police chief job. I think I could do a lot of good there, and I want to do my part for everybody here. I just need letters. I haven't met many people, but we could have a talk. It would be for the good of everyone. I have experience with authority.

Doctor, could you write me one?


[All around town, N is approaching people to talk to them. Purrloin is trailing behind him and Pidove is alternately flapping around his head and landing on his shoulder, lamp posts, benches, and other people. Perhaps he approaches you?]

(08) awkward and innocent, not belligerent
may all your mornings be bright
[Action, park]

[N himself has gotten his own regain, and is currently in the park with both of his friends, patiently trying to train his regained Pidove. And, to be fair, Pidove is trying so hard! He can Gust with the best of them, but has a little trouble hopping from tree to tree, which Purrloin finds hilarious. N is smiling too, even if it's a little hollow; he can't hear his friends, but... they are his friends. So sitting out on the grass, Purrloin on his lap and his injured leg out in front of him, he seems the picture of contentedness. Happy, for once. It's just... good to be alive.]

(07) your own personal waterloo
animate yourself an alternate reality
[Phone; unfiltered; starting at level 4 baby THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT BW SPOILERS]

I... I have something to tell everyone.

I'm the king of an organization back home. It was an organization that strove to build a world free of conflict, free of abuse. I wanted to do it by becoming a hero, but... I'm warped. Defective. I don't have a human heart, and I failed. I'm a monster. My conviction wasn't strong enough.

My full name, as I know it, is N Harmonia. I share it with Ghetsis, one of the sages of Team Plasma, and I was used by him as a tool. I don't deserve... I don't deserve to be a hero. You should all be ashamed of me.

[There's a long pause on the end of the line, as though he's not sure what to say next.]

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(06) i feel that I'm somewhere else bound
all you see are zeros and ones

[Such a lovely day! A good day for a stroll, a day to appreciate America's most important day. N is out for a walk(well, crutched hobble - that skateboard accident really had been brutal!) through the streets of Mayfield, dressed in his finest patriotic attire, and followed suspiciously closely by his closest friend, an odd-looking cat showing no signs of his usual distraction. He'd always been strange, being purple, but N had always cared for him.

Still, today... today is different. Under all of the patriotic fervor, the man has... doubts. Hints of something sinister. His cat's behavior isn't helping, and he can't help but look over his shoulder every now and and then, though he doesn't... see anything wrong. There's something twitching at the back of his mind... don't be surprised if he approaches you to discuss it.]
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(05) the noose is loosed around our necks
animate yourself an alternate reality
[Phone, backdated to Sunday]

...There's a holiday for fathers?

(04) can i begin another day
all you see are zeros and ones

[It's been a hard few days for N. Well, it's been a hard few days for everyone, but N in particular has been keeping especially to himself, cleaning his (numerous) wounds and hobbling around on crutches as well as he's able to. His whole body is stiff; the lacerations he'd sustained from last month's insanity left him nearly unable to walk unaided.

Today, though, he's at the park, sitting under a tree with one leg folded and one stretched out in front of him. The breeze feels good on his skin, and he's gotten his first regain: the Purrloin he'd met so early in his journey. Despite having set him free, a connection had apparently been made, as the cat Pokémon is curled up quite happily in his lap, purring away and half-asleep. Frankly, it's puzzling; they'd only shared a short time together, and that time was spent using the creature as a weapon.

Maybe the bond between trainer and monster is stronger than N had anticipated. Either way, it's comforting, even if... they can no longer speak to one another.]

(03) filling the room with a sense of unease
we were all basically alone
[Action for Nusakan, backdated to 12:01 May 29]

[The adrenaline is wearing off and N is starting to crash. The full extent of the damage he's carrying is starting to sear through him, and by the time he stumbles into the hospital he can barely move. Not bothering with the waiting room, he presses right on to the nurse's station, trailing blood after him and speaking in a rush to the poor woman on night duty about how he needs to see a doctor and he's probably dying and he's lost quite a lot of blood and is there anyone who can take care of it? Maybe?]


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